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Effective cybersecurity and compliance programs rely on key functional support from security and compliance managers having specific roles and experience. These professionals are in high-demand and not all organizations are staffed to meet these needs, while others divide and distribute tasks across many resources. This approach most often creates environments where management has no access to timely and accurate information on the effectiveness of their cybersecurity or compliance programs.

By establishing a key set of necessary tasks and developing a model where organizations can select services to meet their specific need and budget, ITEGRITI can provide ongoing compliance and cybersecurity advisory through our Virtual support models: CISO Advisory Services, vCompliance Team, and Workforce Support. Our fractional resource models are very cost effective.

How We Help Clients

CISO Advisory Services

  • Strategic planning, governance, and oversight

  • Align security initiatives with business risks and objectives

  • Technology advisory and steering committee – cybersecurity

  • Impact analysis and planning – cybersecurity

  • Technology and program reviews for M&A support

  • External, independent IT audits (ITGC, etc.)

vCompliance Team

  • Technology advisory and steering committee – compliance

  • External, independent compliance audits

  • Impact analysis and planning – compliance

  • Compliance resource generation (risk and control mappings, updates to regulations, etc.)

  • Vulnerability assessment

  • Third-party vendor assessments

Workforce Support

  • Perform background checks, personnel risk assessments (PRAs)

  • Provide end-user training

  • Manage and report user training

  • Develop cyber security awareness materials

  • Cybersecurity candidate screening, development, and pre-employment evaluation


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