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We Secure Critical Infrastructure™

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Cybersecurity and compliance programs require much more than just implementing an order, standard, or directive. They require a long-term vision to truly recognize the benefits of compliance and improved security, and the experience to advise through the challenges of change management, interpretation, implementation, adoption, performance, and validation. Imagine the benefit of working with a consulting firm that has assisted Critical Infrastructure organizations across the U.S. and Canada with IT and OT cybersecurity and compliance since 2008.

ITEGRITI is that firm. Our team has deep expertise gained through our work in protecting large-scale and distributed National Critical Infrastructure since compliance with the cybersecurity Standards first became mandatory. We are flexible, will easily integrate with your team, bring relevant best practices and lessons learned, and will deliver tangible results.



To operate, organizations require the reliability of their information technology systems and IT/OT managed assets. Well-designed cybersecurity programs defend against and withstand most hacks but, despite best efforts, a motivated hacker will eventually break into a system they target.

What happens next depends on incident planning and preparedness. Cybersecurity Resilience builds on good cybersecurity programs by addressing demands for business continuity, information protection, and crisis communications.

  • How will business operations and customer service continue until the technology is restored?

  • What did the hackers take, was sensitive data encrypted, and is it usable by these criminals?
  • How, when, and what is communicated to leadership, employees, customers, and the community and by whom?


Risks associated with cyber systems containing or controlling Critical Infrastructure, BCSI, CEII, CUI, PII and ePHI are growing as regulations mount, hacking tactics evolve, and bad press meets social media. The Federal Government and public demand protection of this information and assets, and these regulations can carry civil, operational and financial penalties.

We have deep experience with mandatory Critical Infrastructure IT and OT compliance since 2008. Whether you operate in the public or private sector, ITEGRITI is dedicated to ensuring compliance with the most stringent standards, helping you confidently navigate the complex landscape of regulations.

Core Capabilities

Our services are organized across three areas: Cybersecurity + Compliance + Managed Services. We also offer “Get Stuff Done (GSD)” support to focus on completing tasks on your to-do list.

Strategic Advisory and Governance Services:

  • AI Strategy, Security, Risk Management, Governance, Change Management
  • CISO/CCO/CRO Advisory Services
  • Cybersecurity Resilience Strategy and Design
  • Cybersecurity Risk Assessments and Advisory
  • Digital and Cybersecurity Transformation: Security, Efficiency, and Automation (AI, ML, RPA)
  • Internal IT/OT Audit Program Design and Support
  • M&A Technology Support
  • Shadow AI/IT Reviews and Playbook

Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management:

  • Assessments and Remediation: NERC CIP, TSA SD02, FFIEC/MRA, HIPAA, NIST, ISO, ISA/IEC, CMMC, GDPR, State Privacy
  • Asset Inventory and Site Walkdowns
  • CIP Audit and SME Preparation
  • Cybersecurity and Compliance Education, Awareness, Training, Upskilling
  • Incident Readiness: Tabletop Exercise Design and Facilitation, Incident Response, Business Continuity
  •  Staff Augmentation and Support: Audit, Compliance, and Cybersecurity
  • Third-Party Risk Assessments and Vendor Security Audits
  • Vulnerability Assessments

Managed Services

Effective cybersecurity and compliance programs are built upon the support of skilled security and compliance managers. With the demand for such professionals outpacing supply, many organizations find themselves under-resourced or forced to distribute these essential tasks among several individuals, diluting focus and expertise.

ITEGRITI addresses this challenge by offering ongoing and customizable cybersecurity and compliance services designed to align with specific requirements and financial parameters of each organization. Our fractional resource models ensure that your organization has access to top-tier cybersecurity and compliance expertise.



Companies struggle with ongoing operational, cybersecurity, and regulatory compliance responsibilities. Recruiting, training, and retaining quality talent is difficult, but it can be even harder to find qualified and dependable consultants to ease the burden from:

  • Having more projects or tasks than time or resources to manage
  • Ever growing task lists that don’t seem to end
  • Preparation activities for upcoming audits and reviews

ITEGRITI is your trusted get stuff done (GSD) partner!


ITEGRITI designs an approach that follows the Plan, Do, Check, Adjust model. Our leadership team is involved in every project, including initial project advisory, scoping, and organization, and later through direct assignment or oversight roles. Our expertise includes:

  • Experience with mandatory Critical Infrastructure IT and OT cybersecurity and compliance since 2008.
  • Planning and management of large, complex projects throughout the U.S. & Canada supporting Critical Infrastructure across healthcare, oil & gas, and electric sectors, supporting utilities, transmission, municipalities, cooperatives, and generation representing coal, natural gas, and renewables – wind, solar, hydro and geothermal.
  • Team members with deep experience across multiple disciplines:
    • IT and OT operational experience with industry, Big 4 and large consulting backgrounds.
    • Former regulatory auditors, and former compliance and enforcement regulator senior leadership.
    • Advanced degrees, specialties in IT and cybersecurity: MBA, MS, and Doctoral levels.
    • Experienced with multiple frameworks and methodologies: NERC CIP, TSA SD02, ISO27k, NIST (RMF, CSF, 800-37, 800-53, 800-171, NISTIR-7628), NRC 5.71, NEI 08-09, AFRMR, and COBIT.
    • Certified cybersecurity & compliance professionals: CAP, C|CISO, CCNP-S, CDPSE, C|EH, CISA, CISM, CISSP, CRISC, FITSP-M, GCIP, HIPAA CHP, MCSE, PMP, SABSA SCF, SASE.
  • Nationally MBE certified: NMSDC
  • Texas Statewide HUB Certified
  • registered: HABE, MBE, SDB

“Michael and the ITEGRITI team has partnered with us to advance and mature our cyber security capabilities across the technology that operates our critical energy infrastructure, in the midst of an evolving regulatory environment and threat landscape. ITEGRITI seamlessly integrated into our team, providing valuable industry expertise and practical solutions to imbed these new capabilities into the way we work at Duke Energy. Fantastic insights, tangible results. Thank you for the partnership!

Brian Savoy
SVP, Business Transformation & Technology
Duke Energy Corporation


ITEGRITI has strategic partnerships with several large, reputable technology and service vendors. By combining our deep IT/OT cybersecurity, compliance, and Critical Infrastructure expertise with this worldwide network of R&D, innovation labs, delivery centers, cybersecurity fusion centers, and 200,000+ consultants we offer expanded remediation, implementation, and integration services.

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Examples of Our Work

Asset Walkdown and Cyber Asset Inventory

ITEGRITI performed asset walkdown and cyber asset inventories for a multi-regional client.  The client’s goal was to ensure the list of cyber assets is accurate and complete to support and inform cybersecurity and compliance [...]

O&G Security Assessment

ITEGRITI performed an OT security risk assessment for an oil and gas client, leveraging NIST CSF controls and related critical infrastructure standards and best practices. This effort included a review of current security documentation, [...]

Healthcare Security Audit

In conjunction with the internal audit team of a major healthcare organization, ITEGRITI collected evidence through interviews, observation, and documentation, assessing the alignment of implemented security review processes with implemented organizational policies, procedures, and [...]

Healthcare Compliance Audit

ITEGRITI led the annual audit effort for a prominent healthcare provider on behalf of the internal audit team. Using organizationally defined security controls, the team reviewed provided evidence and conducted effectiveness tests to determine [...]

BES Cyber Asset Inventory Assessment

ITEGRITI performed annual critical infrastructure "walkdowns" at multiple locations for one of the world's largest utilities, validating the alignment of cyber assets with current inventory. The ITEGRITI team visited numerous renewable and combustion energy [...]

HIPAA & PCI Cyber Health Check

ITEGRITI assisted a client concerned with HIPAA and PCI risks by reviewing baseline cybersecurity controls to assess the health of their cybersecurity program.

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