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Protecting your IT infrastructure is crucial and recent events demonstrate how a motivated hacker can wreak chaos on well-protected systems. ITEGRITI is a cybersecurity consulting and advisory firm with deep expertise gained through our work in protecting large-scale and distributed National Critical Infrastructure since those Standards first became mandatory in 2008.  The cybersecurity resilience programs we develop will help you avoid hacks, detect breaches, minimize business disruption during an event, and reduce incident recovery time.

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Reliability Through Cybersecurity ResilienceTM

You are doing everything to protect the information technology systems and IT/OT managed assets that keep your business running.  Well-designed cybersecurity programs defend against most hacks, but a motivated hacker will find a way in.  ITEGRITI programs provide resilience by incorporating information protection, incident response, crisis communications, and business continuity to help your business withstand an attack.



Meeting regulatory obligations with proven methodologies

Your organization abides by mandatory regulations that carry civil, operational, and financial penalties. But these programs are complex and difficult to manage due to changing regulations, and layers of time and event-based requirements. ITEGRITI programs incorporate internal controls to measure, monitor and report ongoing program effectiveness to mitigate your cyber and compliance risk.



Dependable help from expert oversight and fractional resources

The success of your cybersecurity and compliance programs relies on highly trained professionals to be effective. But you may not be staffed properly because of limited ongoing need or restricted resource availability from high cost and demand. ITEGRITI provides virtual support models:  vCISO, vCompliance Team, and Workforce Support so you can have the affordable support you deserve.



Get Stuff Done

You have ongoing operational, cybersecurity, and regulatory compliance responsibilities and an ever-growing, unending task list.  It is difficult to recruit, train, and retain quality talent and dependable help to ease the burden from having more tasks than time or resources to manage.  The ITEGRITI team will partner with you to make impactful progress on your to-do list.



“Michael and the ITEGRITI team has partnered with us to advance and mature our cyber security capabilities across the technology that operates our critical energy infrastructure, in the midst of an evolving regulatory environment and threat landscape. ITEGRITI seamlessly integrated into our team, providing valuable industry expertise and practical solutions to imbed these new capabilities into the way we work at Duke Energy. Fantastic insights, tangible results. Thank you for the partnership!

Brian Savoy
SVP, Business Transformation & Technology
Duke Energy Corporation


ITEGRITI is pleased to announce that we entered a strategic partnership with HCL Technologies, combining their industry-leading Security of Things services with ITEGRITI’s cybersecurity, compliance, and Critical Infrastructure expertise.  HCL has a worldwide network of R&D, innovation labs and delivery centers, cybersecurity fusion centers, and 159,000+ ‘Ideapreneurs’ working in 50 countries, HCL serves leading enterprises across key industries, including 250 of the Fortune 500 and 650 of the Global 2000.

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What Are the 7 Principles of GDPR?

Ever since its enactment, GDPR has become the beacon light for the many privacy regulations across the world. California’s and Virginia’s privacy laws (CCPA and VCDPA respectfully), POPIA in South Africa, LGPD in Brazil, and PIPL in China are all reflecting the same founding principles of GDPR.



Holistic Cybersecurity Assessments

ITEGRITI performed a holistic cybersecurity assessment for three separate utilities owned by a single client.  The assessment included performing comprehensive site walk downs to identify critical infrastructure, reviewing process documentation, and performing a gap analysis [...]

Efficient, Repeatable CIP Validation Process

ITEGRITI designed and implemented a CIP assessment process for a large utility that increases the efficiencies in gathering and evaluating compliance evidence, yet still firmly rooted in the NERC data request approach.  Highly accurate and [...]

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