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ITEGRITI helps protect some of the nation’s most critical infrastructure, serving clients in energy, healthcare, transportation, education, retail and financial sectors.  We develop and implement programs that mitigate cyber and compliance risk, supported by internal controls to measure, monitor and report ongoing program effectiveness. Our programs help companies avoid hacks and minimize business impact during a cybersecurity event.

Companies often struggle with ongoing operational, cybersecurity, and CIP compliance responsibilities. While it is tough to recruit, train and retain quality CIP resources, it can be even harder to find qualified and dependable consultants who can ease the burden from:

- Having more projects or tasks than time or resources to manage
- Ever growing task lists that don’t seem to end
- Preparation activities for upcoming audits
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Our team recently helped a major utility prepare for a NERC CIPv5 cybersecurity audit – one of the largest cybersecurity audit of the electric grid to date. Learn More The cyber market can be busy and confusing. There are products to solve most every problem but budgets aren't unlimited. We work with you to help determine where to best invest your cyber dollars. Learn More Cyber dollars are often spent without a way to measure the effectiveness of the cybersecurity investment. We develop programs to measure, monitor and report cybersecurity internal control performance. Learn More Experienced cybersecurity and compliance professionals are in high-demand and not all organizations are staffed to meet their needs. We provide leadership, strategic planning and operational support through our vCompliance Team and vCISO models. Learn More We have operational and consulting experience in IT, OT, audit, compliance and cybersecurity. Our team has participated in, managed or provided oversight for over 200 projects. Learn More

“Michael and the ITEGRITI team has partnered with us to advance and mature our cyber security capabilities across the technology that operates our critical energy infrastructure, in the midst of an evolving regulatory environment and threat landscape. ITEGRITI seamlessly integrated into our team, providing valuable industry expertise and practical solutions to imbed these new capabilities into the way we work at Duke Energy. Fantastic insights, tangible results. Thank you for the partnership!

Brian Savoy
SVP, Business Transformation & Technology
Duke Energy Corporation

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Examples of Our Work

Holistic Cybersecurity Assessments

ITEGRITI performed a holistic cybersecurity assessment for three separate utilities owned by a single client.  The assessment included performing comprehensive site walk downs to identify critical infrastructure, reviewing process documentation, and performing a gap analysis [...]

Efficient, Repeatable CIP Validation Process

ITEGRITI designed and implemented a CIP assessment process for a large utility that increases the efficiencies in gathering and evaluating compliance evidence, yet still firmly rooted in the NERC data request approach.  Highly accurate and [...]

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