October 18–20, 2023 | Québec City, Canada

NERC, the E-ISAC, and Northeast Power Coordinating Council (NPCC) are co-hosting the 12th annual grid security conference on October 18–20 with training opportunities on October 17 in Québec City, Canada. GridSecCon brings together cyber and physical security leaders from industry and government to deliver expert training sessions, share best practices and effective threat mitigation programs, and present lessons learned.

At GridSecCon 2023 you can participate in:

  • World-class training sessions
  • Cutting-edge discussions, breakout sessions, and keynotes
  • In-depth presentations on emerging cyber and physical threats
  • Policy updates, lessons learned, and best practices

Attendees can optimize their GridSecCon experience and chose breakout sessions from four conference tracks: cyber or physical security, supply chain issues, or special topics.

The conference will open with keynote speakers Charles Dickerson, president and CEO, Northeast Power Coordinating Council and Mario Tanguay, Senior Director–Cybersecurity at Hydro-Québec. The keynote speaker on day two will be Francis Bradley, president and CEO of Electricity Canada.

Discuss OT Security, NERC CIP, TSA SD02 with ITEGRITI Leadership Team Leadership

  • Michael Sanchez, CEO
  • Mario Chiock, Chief of Staff
    Former Schlumberger CISO
  • Sid Shaffer, CTISO
  • Bill Lawrence, Chief Delivery Officer
    Former NERC VP and Chief Security Officer
  • Stanley Kopman, Senior Project Manager
    Former NPCC Assistant Vice President of Compliance Enforcement and Mitigation

Want to discuss OT or CIP compliance, but not attending GridSecCon? Contact us at [email protected].

Get Stuff Done

Companies often struggle with ongoing operational, cybersecurity, and CIP compliance responsibilities. While it is tough to recruit, train and retain quality CIP resources, it can be even harder to find qualified and dependable consultants who can ease the burden from:

  • Having more projects or tasks than time or resources to manage
  • Ever growing task lists that don’t seem to end
  • Preparation activities for upcoming audits

ITEGRITI can help in many capacities, including:

  • Asset inventory and site walkdowns
  • Exercise design and facilitation
  • Supply chain management: policy and supplier assessments
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • CIP program and compliance assessments
  • CIP audit and SME preparation
  • NIST CSF Security Assessments
  • TSA SD02 program development and assessment

Click HERE to download a free version of ITEGRITI’s NERC
CIP Audit Field Guide with no email required.


Experience > Process > Results
The ITEGRITI leadership team is involved in every project, initially through advisory, project scoping and organization, and then through direct assignment or oversight roles. Our experience includes:

  • NERC CIP experience since 2008, completed projects in all regions throughout the U.S. and Canada, supporting utilities, transmission, municipalities, cooperatives, and generation representing coal, natural gas, and renewables – wind, solar, hydro and geothermal.
  • Industry and consulting backgrounds, IT and OT operational experience.

“Michael and the ITEGRITI team has partnered with us to advance and mature our cyber security capabilities across the technology that operates our critical energy infrastructure, in the midst of an evolving regulatory environment and threat landscape. ITEGRITI seamlessly integrated into our team, providing valuable industry expertise and practical solutions to imbed these new capabilities into the way we work at Duke Energy. Fantastic insights, tangible results. Thank you for the partnership!

Brian Savoy
SVP, Business Transformation & Technology
Duke Energy Corporation