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  • NERC CIP-003-7: An Introduction

    Before organizations can explore the intricacies of CIP-003-7, they first need to understand the CIP controls more generally. This story begins with the mission of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC).

  • HIPAA & PCI Cyber Health Check

    ITEGRITI assisted a client concerned with HIPAA and PCI risks by reviewing baseline cybersecurity controls to assess the health of their cybersecurity program.

  • Multistate Cyber Change Management Training

    ITEGRITI assisted a client in establishing the necessary communication and training plans for effective organization change ...

  • Ransomware & Persistent Threat Recovery

    ITEGRITI assisted a logistics company deal with the impact of a ransomware event and a unknown persistent threat actor.

  • Removable Media and Transient Device Program

    ITEGRITI developed a program and set of controls for a client to address risks around the issues related to "Removable Media" (USB drives, Recordable CDs, SD Cards, etc.) ...

  • “Root Cause” Analysis of Systemic Cyber Issues

    ITEGRITI provided one client with deep analysis to determine the "root cause" of systemic and repeated cybersecurity issues that had undergone several attempts ...

Featured Projects

Efficient, Repeatable CIP Validation Process

ITEGRITI designed and implemented a CIP assessment process for a large utility that increases the efficiencies in gathering and evaluating compliance evidence, yet still firmly rooted in the NERC data request approach.  Highly accurate and [...]

CIPv5 CVAs (Cyber Vulnerability Assessment)

ITEGRITI has provided both Paper and Active Cyber Vulnerability Assessment services to multiple energy clients that are directly aligned with regulatory expectations related to CIPv5 CVAs.   ITEGRITI experts utilize an assessment methodology for our NERC [...]

Customized Solutions Developed for NERC Client

ITEGRITI built a custom database tool for a client that combined all the various NERC inputs and tools (i.e. Evidence Request Spreadsheet, RSAWs, Standards, etc.) and supplemented them with information developed and retained by the [...]

CIP Audit Package Development and QA

ITEGRITI helped bring an entire CIP audit package together for a large utility client to ensure that compliance narratives, evidence references, and supporting evidence all aligned, was appropriately cross-referenced, and addressed the requests from the [...]

Training to Improve Evidence & Processes

ITEGRITI improved the evidence of a cybersecurity department through training and real time, "live", advisory services via conference calls. As a result, cybersecurity process evidence that initially had a rejection rate for insufficient evidence by [...]

Cybersecurity Risk Evaluation

ITEGRITI performed a cybersecurity risk evaluation for a company seeking to provide assurance to its cybersecurity insurance provider. The assessment included reviewing network infrastructure and cybersecurity process controls and evaluating those processes against a baseline [...]

Cybersecurity Controls Program Development

ITEGRITI reviewed the cybersecurity controls for a $1B organization and compared the controls in place to a set of baseline cybersecurity controls used to determine overall program efficacy. By performing this analysis, several areas of [...]

Clarity to Complex Cyber Compliance Issues

Not every area of IT compliance is clear cut. ITEGRITI helped one client define and clarify it's positions in areas where more ambiguity exists, working with the client to develop, document, and articulate its rationale [...]

CIP Compliance for Lows

ITEGRITI developed a CIP compliance program to support a client with "Low Impact" only cyber assets that is both sustainable and manageable by working with our client to identify already existing processes that were augmented [...]