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Asset Walkdown and Cyber Asset Inventory

ITEGRITI performed asset walkdown and cyber asset inventories for a multi-regional client.  The client’s goal was to ensure the list of cyber assets is accurate and complete to support and inform cybersecurity and compliance [...]

O&G Security Assessment

ITEGRITI performed an OT security risk assessment for an oil and gas client, leveraging NIST CSF controls and related critical infrastructure standards and best practices. This effort included a review of current security documentation, [...]

Healthcare Security Audit

In conjunction with the internal audit team of a major healthcare organization, ITEGRITI collected evidence through interviews, observation, and documentation, assessing the alignment of implemented security review processes with implemented organizational policies, procedures, and [...]

Healthcare Compliance Audit

ITEGRITI led the annual audit effort for a prominent healthcare provider on behalf of the internal audit team. Using organizationally defined security controls, the team reviewed provided evidence and conducted effectiveness tests to determine [...]

BES Cyber Asset Inventory Assessment

ITEGRITI performed annual critical infrastructure "walkdowns" at multiple locations for one of the world's largest utilities, validating the alignment of cyber assets with current inventory. The ITEGRITI team visited numerous renewable and combustion energy [...]

Collective Action on Cyber Resilience

For the first time, 18 global organizations from the oil and gas sectors are championing a unified approach to mitigating growing cyber risks and taking the Cyber Resilience Pledge.

Top 5 Cybersecurity Risks Facing Electricity Organizations in 2021

The threat landscape in cybersecurity is constantly evolving, reacting to the changing world around it. Whether it be newly found vulnerabilities, new types of ransomware, or supply chain attacks, increasingly sophisticated cyber threats - and some of the old ones - continue to target areas of national interest. The energy sector is no exception.

Holistic Cybersecurity Assessments

ITEGRITI performed a holistic cybersecurity assessment for three separate utilities owned by a single client.  The assessment included performing comprehensive site walk downs to identify critical infrastructure, reviewing process documentation, and performing a gap analysis [...]

Cyber Hygiene Habits For The New Year

New Year’s resolutions of eating healthier, going to the gym, and re-balancing our priorities are commonplace in January for our personal lives. However, what about one of the places where every weekday is spent? [...]

HIPAA & PCI Cyber Health Check

ITEGRITI assisted a client concerned with HIPAA and PCI risks by reviewing baseline cybersecurity controls to assess the health of their cybersecurity program.

Efficient, Repeatable CIP Validation Process

ITEGRITI designed and implemented a CIP assessment process for a large utility that increases the efficiencies in gathering and evaluating compliance evidence, yet still firmly rooted in the NERC data request approach.  Highly accurate and [...]

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